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Quality Assurance Framework

This document outlines how the partnership will manage the performance of safeguarding children services in Surrey, assure itself of the quality and impact of those services and enable their continuous improvement. It also describes how independent scrutiny, a new requirement, will challenge us as a ‘critical friend’ and provide an objective overview of the effectiveness of our arrangements to safeguard and protect children.
This framework should be read in conjunction with SSCP Arrangements 2021


  • The performance management, quality assurance and scrutiny framework is informed by the following principles:
  • To be clear about what we are seeking to achieve as a Partnership and plan accordingly.
  • To share common ownership and work collaboratively in both delivering our services and judging their progress.
  • To deliver our plans with rigour, against goals, targets and standards.
  • To use a wide range of tools to help us measure our progress – including interrogating data; learning from audit and listening to service users and practitioners.
  • To use information and intelligence actively and to prompt curiosity, questioning and analysis.
  • To use information and intelligence to challenge ourselves and each other when needed.
  • To be focused on continuous improvement of services and outcomes for children.
  • To be open and responsive to external scrutiny, making use of challenge and advice to support our improvement ambitions.
SSCP Performance Management, Quality Assurance and Scrutiny Framework – Feb 2020